Just when you think you’ve got to grips with the latest video-sharing technology on the web, they go all Etch-a-Sketch on us and give everything a good shake, this month’s being the launch of Instagram Remix. The social media platforms have been falling over themselves to copy each others’ services, from Linkedin finally realising video is A Good Thing, to TikTok’s nifty Duet feature. It’s the latter that prompted Instagram to give its Reels tool, which is barely out of short trousers, an overhaul leading to – drum roll please – the Remix video editing feature. 

It gives Instagram users the chance to create and post their reaction to a Reel, and while it might have a lot of comedic value, it’s also got great potential for business. 

Picture the scene: a small or medium-sized company posts its reaction to content from a bigger company, which then goes viral, bringing customers to their door and putting their brand on everyone’s lips. Talk about lights, camera, action… 

You can Remix any Reel, as long as the original poster has enabled access. The great thing is, the feature can be turned on and off, either by using the Privacy Settings, which would affect all Reels, or after you share each individual video.

To Remix a Reel, choose the video you want to react to and tap the three dots. “Remix This Reel” should appear if the original Instagram poster has enabled the feature. 

Record or upload your new Reel, which should appear on the right side of the screen. Now’s the time to merrily edit and get creative, adding stickers, a voiceover or change the soundtrack. When you’re happy with your content, write a caption and choose your video settings, then share – easy peasy. 

We reckon Remix Reels could give TikTok’s Duets a run for its money, but we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, it’s time for our close-up… 

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