Blur vs Oasis. Microsoft vs Apple. Coke vs Pepsi. They are among some of the greatest rivalries the world has ever known. Now you can add Instagram Reels Insights vs TikTok. 

Trust the kids to show the old hands how to make the most of the rapidly evolving social media landscape. Instagram has been playing catch-up with its Chinese-owned rival for months, rolling out feature after feature to woo users and business owners. 

The Reels feature was great for in-app shopping, but when it came to breaking down who was doing what, where and when, Instagram users were left twiddling their thumbs and shuffling their feet, while TikTokers lapped up data about their types of traffic sources, performance by geographic location and videos’ average watch time. 

Now, the Facebook-owned site has enhanced its Reels tool with Insights, allowing users to access crucial information such as Accounts Reached, Saves and Shares for their Reels, as well as being able to share the number of Peak Concurrent Viewers watching their Live videos. 

Even better, in Instagram’s Account Insights section, there will be all kinds of goodies to analyse, including the kinds of accounts users are reaching, and which content formats produce the most engagement. 

The rivalry between the two platforms has been great for business users and the development of Instagram Reels Insights is no exception, but it won’t be the last. Expect more changes as TikTok announced it is set to partner with specific brands in a trial of in-app sales.

Will Instagram follow suit, or beat them to the punch? Stay tuned to our blog posts to find out. 

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