It’s been an emotional couple of days. Great British Bake Off aired its final episode, Tea the Afghan Hound has been named the prettiest pooch on the planet and #WorldPastaDay reminded us how much we, well, love pasta.

Tissues, please. 

Live from the Delivery Room

Of the roundup of people who have absolutely zero sense of boundaries, record producer and Snapchat extraordinaire DJ Khaled definitely takes the cake.

Bringing his phone along with him into the maternity ward where his fiancée, Nicole Tuck, was in labour, Khaled broadcasted every moment of his son’s birth. On Snapchat. Whilst playing his own album.

Streaming regular updates to his fans from the delivery room, Khaled could barely contain his excitement

Ending his Snapchat saga with a seriously cute imprint of his newborn son’s footprint, we almost forgot the absurdity of the situation….

Welcome to the world, baby Khaled!

Bob Marley & Me

If you read last week’s Wins and Fails blog, you’ll know people love a weird hashtag.

Continuing the tradition, this week’s weird (and wonderful) hashtag came with a Caribbean twist.

All movies we’d watch, to be fair.

Penne for Your Thoughts

It was #WorldPastaDay on Tuesday, an ode to everyone’s favourite Italian carb.

But perhaps no one has expressed a love for pasta so pure as Tottenham Hotspur’s player Victor Wanyama did back in 2012, when he tweeted: 

So, on #WorldPastaDay, it was only appropriate the football club remind everyone of Wanyama’s poignant words that stand the test of time:


Story of My Life

Nothing has ever been more relevant than when #MyLifeInOneWord began trending on Thursday.

Literally always.

But seriously, the sticky toffee pudding or the apple crumble? Or both?


Och Wheesht and Get Oan Wae It

After embittered Daily Mail readers demanded Scotland be booted out the Union, Scots of the Twittersphere rallied up and hijacked their #ThrowScotlandOut hashtag in the most witty way possible.


Like this:

(Awful view)

And this:

Together with this very valid point:

Truly though, we can’t have Đoković winning…. 


Tiers Shed

It’s the end of an era, folks. Wednesday evening’s finale of Great British Bake Off wracked up a colossal 14.8 million viewers, as baking enthusiasts across the nation tuned in one last time to watch Candice Brown be crowned the winner. 

Twitter reacted —

For those of you still struggling to cope with the fact that BBC One will never air another episode of GBBO, here’s a beautifully nostalgic photo to print and frame:

You’re welcome.


If you thought you were having a good hair day, think again.

Meet Tea, the Afghan Hound:

When Tea’s owner, Luke Kavanagh, posted pictures of her on social media, she soon became an overnight social media sensation. News of the supermodel dog spread, and people began calling her the world’s ‘prettiest dog’.

Look at those luscious locks. They are flawless. They are a thing of beauty.

Your wedding day hair will never look as good as Tea’s does on a regular basis.

All that needs to happen now is for Tea to be the new face of Vidal Sassoon. We’d buy every product.

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

In anticipation of Halloween, #ScaryStoriesIn5Words saw some natural born storytellers emerge from the dark depths of the Twittersphere: 

Don’t we know it.

We once lost internet access for 5 minutes and it was horrifying.

All aboard the nopetrain to Nopeville.