Most of us have, from time to time, or even hours on end, dabbled in a little bit of Pinterest. Redecorating your child’s bedroom? There’s a board for that. Want somewhere to collect all of those craft patterns you’re going to try at some point? There’s a board for that. Planning a wedding? There’s a board for that, too. But Pinterest as a platform is more than just a rabbit hole of pretty things; it’s also a great tool for brands to use, particularly in relation to the Pinterest Predicts report.

Predicting the future: what is Pinterest Predicts?

Pinterest Predicts really is ahead of its time. The report is Pinterest’s annual trend forecast report, which looks ahead to discover some of the biggest trends for the year ahead. By it’s own admission, it’s a ‘not-yet-trending’ report, and its tagline of ‘Before you see it everywhere, see it here’ is scarily accurate, having maintained a 80% success rate for three year’s running.

Whilst many of us see Pinterest as beautiful indulgence, or a way to organise our lives and the things we love, it’s actually a powerful search engine in its own right. And the reason that Pinterest Predicts is so important when planning your social media campaigns is that each year Pinterest let you into their search data. You can even filter by audience (for example, Boomers, Gen X, Gen Z, Millennials), demographic and gender to really drill the data down to complement your own target audience.

Yes, a lot of the trends featured are pretty niche, but many of us can use the trends to a greater or lesser degree to both plan campaigns and inspire content.

How can Pinterest Predicts help with social media campaigns?

First things first, take a look through the Pinterest Predicts report. If there’s something in there that relates to your industry, get ahead of the trend and start thinking about and shouting about that trend on your socials right now.

For example, if you’re a fabulous hairdresser, why not think about how you can promote the Gemini Hair trend to your clients? Or if you’re a doula, or a self-care specialist, could you tap into the Fourth Trimester trend? Think ahead and see how you can make these trends, which will only be on the rise throughout this year, work for your brand.

Of course, you could use these trends to make Pinterest itself work in your favour, and create thumb-stopping pins which will drive traffic towards your business, but you can also use it to create content for other channels too: the visual nature of Instagram, for instance, is ideal to translate some of the trends into posts for this platform, and this could work well for your brand if, for example, you’re trying to attract local custom.

What inspiration can I take from the report?

If nothing else, and no niche fits, then at least have a little flick through Pinterest Predicts: you may be surprised by the inspiration you can take from it. Use the trends to inspire your campaign aesthetics; style your social media photography in this year’s Airy Styles trend, for example, or use All The Raves for the colours for your social media templates. Just remember that with every trend, it is only a trend that works for you if it suits your brand and your target audience.

Pinterest Predicts: we’re predicting successful social media for you and your brand in 2023

That’s right, you heard it here first: our not-yet-trending prediction for 2023 is that you and your brand can create successful social media campaigns for the year ahead. Not sure where to start? Get in contact. We can help you with your social media, whether you’re looking to get on board with the next big thing or just use hints of what Pinterest Predicts to create stand-out, thumb-stopping content.