Can you imagine what life would be like if every acquaintance you’d ever made turned up at your front door, demanding you listen to the latest thing they had to say? Quite apart from the catastrophic impact it would have on our biscuit stash, it would be madness at 24 fingers’ towers. 

Yet that’s what happens on social media every single time you hop onto a platform. Your feed is inundated with stuff: everything from group discussions to new items – not to mention ads, ads, everywhere. 

But how much of it is actually relevant or of interest to viewers? You probably scroll past a reasonable chunk of posts – and the same is true for every other person on the platform, which means businesses have to work their socks off to be seen. 

Luckily, the clever chaps at Instagram are working on a solution, dubbed Favorites. 

This feature would allow you to ‘favourite’ (we’re really not sure it should be used as a verb, but there you go) up to 30 accounts, prioritising their posts above all others, lifting them from the swirling mass chucked up by Instagram’s algorithm. 

Facebook, which owns Instagram, has something similar called Close Friends, and both features could prove to be both interesting and handy for business owners looking to make sure their brand cuts through all that noise. 

It would help bring potential customers’ attention to products and services they’re interested in buying, and also make feeds clearer and easier to browse. 

Before we all get too excited and start looking for the Favourites label, Facebook said: “This feature is an internal prototype that’s still in development and not testing externally.” 

We’ve heard that one before, but we reckon if word about Favourites has leaked out, chances are it’s not that far from being tested, even on a small scale. 

As always, we’ll keep our finger firmly on the pulse of social media’s shenanigans, and when we hear more, you’ll be the first to know. 

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