For millions of businesses across the country, 2020 was pretty much one to forget, and this year isn’t panning out quite as many had hoped. But it hasn’t been all doom and gloom for Instagram. 

Last year it rolled out live video, search and reels – and that was just the stuff available to UK users – and the Facebook-owned social media platform ain’t done yet. 

It has launched the Professional Dashboard, a one-stop-shop for everyone with a business and creator account, where they can track their performance, find and try out professional tools, and access carefully selected educational information. 

Some of the features were already available, but Instagram has said Professional Dashboard brought them all together in one place, and will help users: 

  • Track their performance by helping gain insights and identify trends based on their account performance.
  • Grow their business by easily accessing tools they use to run their account more efficiently and discovering new tools to help build their business.
  • Stay informed by getting the most out of Instagram using resources such as tips, tricks, guidance and inspiration.

Excitingly, Instagram plans to add more to Professional Dashboard over time, and it’s already piqued plenty of interest, with 82 million accounts visiting the Professional Resources hub to date, while 37 million accounts have tapped on at least one item. 

Once you’ve visited, and you’ve got all that luvverly data, give us a shout and we’ll help you work out what it really means for your business and how to implement it within your social media strategy. Advice sessions come for free here.

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