What do you get if you blend the glamour of Instagram with TikTok’s snappy video stylings and Snapchat’s ephemeral (content that disappears after a short time) nature? The answer is LinkedIn Stories.  

It’s a new feature that allows users to post less formal images with customisable stickers or 20-second videos that are viewable for 24 hours, and we reckon it’s a long-overdue breath of fresh air for the business-based platform.

It’s a great place for businesses and professionals to connect or spotlight their CVs and or show off their services, but it’s always lacked a bit of personality. The global roll-out of LinkedIn Stories could well put an end to that stuffed-shirt image. 

LinkedIn calls Stories content “lightweight conversations related to your work-life”, but we like to think of it as the businessman undoing his tie or a female entrepreneur kicking off those killer heels. Brands have been quick to try it out, too. 

Christian Dior Culture used Stories posts to offer a behind-the-scenes look at September’s Paris Fashion Week, while others have used it to reveal competition winners or host Q&As. Job seekers and experts can also use the feature to post temporary content. 

As with TikTok, the trick with LinkedIn Stories is to be true to yourself and your brand to increase your engagement. “We believe Stories can become an integral part of brands’ communication strategies,” said Tom Pepper, head of marketing solutions UK, Ireland and Israel at LinkedIn.

“My advice to any brands looking to experiment with Stories is just do it. The great thing about Stories is that they don’t have to be slick or overproduced, as long as they are authentic and match your brand and audience.”

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