With the presidential election taking over our lives both on- and off-line, you may have missed out on some important social updates. A lot has happened this week, not least of all Snap trying to change the world as we know it….


Snap back to reality

Snap has introduced some new filters… although this time, they’re not for your face. Yes, Snap have now given us an augmented reality on their app. There are currently seven new filters to play with, based on firm favourites such as the golden butterflies and some new ones too. No doubt there will be more to come, but these ones are rocking our world already, IRL.


The Instagram Story continues…

Like some kind of digital plot-twist, Instagram Stories sprung a surprise update on us this week. And boy, is it a good one. In a statement, Instagram revealed that Stories will now include a ‘Boomerang mode’ and the ability to include @ mentions. They’ll also begin testing links inside Stories of verified accounts too – something that is still not possible on normal Instagram posts.

Instagram Stories: Mentions Instagram Stories: Boomerang


Snap’s new spectacles are now for sale. Roll up, roll up…

After recently announcing that they were going into the eyewear business, Snap have now released their new product. But you won’t be able to pick these up anywhere, instead they are being sold via interactive vending machines called ‘Snapbots’.

So far only one Snapbot has been found at Venice Beach but more are due to pop up over the coming weeks. Insiders have revealed that the machine has a video screen on the outside that allows customers to preview the glasses on their face before purchasing. They won’t be around for long though, so you better try and *snap* one up before it disappears. Heh.


A GIFt from WhatsApp

Yes, that’s right. In what seems like an overdue update, WhatsApp messenger now allows GIFs to be sent over message. Before now, the files would only appear as still images which was pretty annoying considering how widely they are used on other social platforms. Combine this with the new eclectic range of emojis, we need never use actual words again. Excuse me whilst I inundate my contact list with some absolute gems…

A GIFt from WhatsApp