In spirit of Halloween this past Monday, social media saw some frightfully amazing twists and frightfully awful turns. From the man who dressed up as his dog’s favourite toy to Greggs’ VIP WhatsApp group, we present this week’s edition of #WINS and #FAILS.

Witch story to start with?….


Get in the Spirit

Facebook had some tricks up their sleeves this Halloween, in the form of themed reaction buttons.

Spookifying its set of five reactions before the big day dawned, people soon got into the Halloween spirit with a cackling witch, a gobsmacked ghoul, a forlorn frankenstein and a scowling jack o’lantern.

This Halloween being the first time the social networking service has rolled out thematic tools for holidays, we can only expect more hair-raisingly good updates to come.

Perhaps a ho-ho-hoing Santa to replace the ‘laughing’ button?…. You heard it here first.


Campaign Cauldron

Whilst you were spending Halloween thinking of a last-minute costume or eating your body weight in candy (the life), big brands were desperately thinking of how to bewitch consumers with a viral marketing campaign.

The Golden Arches sunk their fangs into it:

Airbnb asked a hair-raising question:

Giffgaff spoke to our souls:

And M&S gave Colin a chilling makeover:

All in all, it’s safe to say these brands *killed* it.


Dressed to Impress

One last Halloween-related post, promise.

Of the frightfully creative costumes that enjoyed a flurry of internet fame, there were two in particular that gave everyone a run for their money.

First up, the man who dressed up as his golden retriever’s favourite toy:

(The utter bewilderment at 0:09 seconds…)

Secondly, the guy who dressed up as a stock photo. A stock. Photo.  

According to @Trungles’ legend of a brother, getting the Shutterstock logo off that image “was more expensive than

[his] whole costume”.

Dedication to the cause has a whole new meaning.


I Loaf you Dough Much

For those who enjoy a meal deal lunch five times out of seven, #NationalSandwichDay probably went over your head.

Nevertheless, it gained some interesting traction on social media….

Delicious, albeit peculiar, looking.

We’re judging you, Oli.

Truer words have never been spoken.


Very Important Pasty

On the topic of dough, Greggs is *rising* to world domination.

After successfully test launching a delivery service, the popular chain have now created an exclusive VIP WhatsApp group with free (!) food on offer.

With a Christmas-themed WhatsApp group named ‘Festive Bake Lovers’, Greggs have promised everyone exclusive content, competitions and, of course, giveaways.

There’s nothing a free Steak Bake can’t fix.


Irony of Ironies

Only in Britain, the land of pork-lovers, do we have a whole entire WEEK dedicated to sausages.

And, only in Britain would two ends of the spectrum come together (vegetarians, look away):

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 13.44.53

*Crickets chirp* Now that’s awkward.


Music to our Ears

When #5WordSeduction began trending a twitter, we started to feel a bit hot under the collar.

Can you imagine….

You did not!

Let’s get married.