LinkedIn has long been the business social media platform of choice. And with business networking and growth at the forefront of the platform’s mind, they’ve got something a little exciting up their shirt sleeve: The business platform has launched their very own digital magazine to give you their LinkedIn best tips. As many businesses begin the process of opening up again post-lockdown, these new insights from LinkedIn will be welcome reading as we all start to move our brands forward again.

What can you expect from the new LinkedIn magazine?

If you want some hints and tips for how to use LinkedIn to your brand’s advantage, the new Ready for Business 2021 magazine is where it’s at. In LinkedIn’s own words:

Ready for Business 2021 explores everything that’s involved in using digital marketing to drive growth and get your strategy moving. There’s detailed insight on identifying your highest-value audiences and engaging them when they’re at their most receptive. We dig deep into the growing importance of trust and thought leadership content in a post-pandemic world, highlight the changing nature of B2B buyer journeys, and share stories and strategies for how your marketing can inspire, entertain – and engage the ready for business mindset at scale.”

The magazine can either be downloaded or read online, and with an initial flick through of our 24 fingers, it’s packed full of hints and tips for how to do business on LinkedIn. With everything from how we should change our marketing strategies for a post-pandemic world, through to how to create great video ads, there’s something for everyone, and each and every brand can adopt some of the tips from the magazine. The tips include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • How to gain your follower’s trust by building your brand’s character. This could include being willing to take a stand on things that are important to them and enlisting employees as advocates.
  • How to develop B2B content that hits the mark, i.e. through carving your niche and becoming a go-to source.
  • Weighing up the risks and opportunities in rebranding.

Plus much more besides, and plenty of different topics covered so that everyone from newbies to social media through to those brands who are slightly more experienced LinkedIn marketeers can learn something new.

Why your business needs a presence on LinkedIn now more than ever

With much of the world going digital during this past year, your business needs a presence online. And even if you hate social media, or if Instagram and TikTok aren’t for you, LinkedIn could be the place where you find your tribe.

And the new business growth magazine that the platform is putting out there is proof of this: LinkedIn is very much a business-first platform. It’s where you can network online with peers, colleagues and clients effortlessly, so long as you’re putting the right content out there. The platform’s commitment to putting out a business growth magazine is further proof that it’s serious about helping to move business forward and help them to gain traction on their platform, and you can use the tips in the magazine to do exactly that.

Still not sure how to gain a presence on LinkedIn? We’ve got you

If you’ve read LinkedIn’s Ready for Business 2021 magazine and you’re still all fingers and thumbs about what you should and shouldn’t be doing on the platform, do you want to know the other place where your business should be? That’s right, here at 24 fingers HQ. We can turn our hands to giving you a presence on LinkedIn – or on any of the other social media platforms, for that matter – so that you can enjoy some of that business growth we’ve been talking about. Get in contact if you’d like to know how our hands can help to grow your business in the world of social media.