“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change”, quipped Frankenstein author Mary Shelley. As life ever-so-slowly returns to normal after the Covid-19 outbreak, we know exactly what she means.

Lockdown has forced business owners big and small to think fast and on their feet: whether it’s moving from an office-based operation to working from home, or switching to online rather than in-person sales.

One of the many bits of fall-out from all this disruption is a change in the way people pay for goods, most notably the big move away from cash.

A Mastercard survey has revealed half of consumers will use coins and notes less often, even after the pandemic eases, while 70% said they would permanently stick with digital payments.

The survey also said e-commerce made up a record 33% of total UK retail sales in April and May – that’s a little bit of good news worth slapping all over your social media.

“Amidst an incredibly challenging time for individuals, for communities and for businesses, we’re seeing sparks of change brought upon by the growth of digitally-savvy consumers and businesses embracing technology that will enable a swifter, more secure future”, said Jorn Lambert, Mastercard Digital Solutions executive VP.

We at 24 fingers think he’s right on the money.

Businesses offering seamless, easy-to-use digital payments (and there are lots to choose from) can hop on the coattails of this trend by making it a focal point of their social media marketing strategy.

Why not create a poll in your next email newsletter asking customers to rate your digital payments experience, then use that data to either make some changes, or show off your satisfaction levels on social media.

If that sounds a little intimidating, don’t worry. Chat to us at 24 fingers and we’ll help you master marketing your digital payments solutions like a boss.