Building a meaningful relationship – from that initial sizzle of attraction to forging a deep and lasting connection – takes time and effort, we all know that. Any business owner understands it’s worth all the blood, sweat and (sometimes buckets of) tears to have loyal clients return again and again. 

Luckily, in this digital age, you don’t need to say it with flowers to build up your customer database. Instead, let email marketing and its juicy ROI of £35:£1 do the talking. So, where IS the best place to drop in an email sign up on your site? Read on… 

Welcome gates

They say: Full-screen calls to action that open before any other content on your site. Aren’t these 21st-century pop-ups?

We say: Absolutely not – though as with all things relationshippy, timing IS everything. Welcome gates are one of the highest converting list-building techniques and, if well-placed, can significantly boost your sign-ups. 

Floating Bars

They say: A campaign pinned to the top or bottom of the web page that remains visible as your visitors scroll. 

We say: Another bit of tech that’s moved on from the customer experience-crushing bad old days, floating bars can boost email sign ups by adding a sense of urgency, or offer a way to promote a seasonal offer or upgrade. They’re also great for enticing less loyal customers over to your social media, offering another opportunity for you to build a relationship. 

At checkout

They say: An email sign-up invitation at the point of purchase attracts customers when they are at their most engaged with your business.

We say: Supermarkets display sweets at the till knowing parents will be “persuaded” by their bored children to buy some while queuing. Popping in an email sign-up at checkout works in a similar way but without the tantrums. Don’t miss out on the ideal chance to offer customers in the process of buying your products a way to stay in touch. 

Blog page

They say: Use your website’s blog section as a lead generation tool. 

We say: Blog posts are a fantastic way to engage customers and quality content will always find an appreciative audience. What better way to maximise that appetite than popping an email sign-up form on the blog page? 


They say: A content box that appears on a web page, obscuring the background. What, MORE pop-ups?

We say: Okay, okay, a pop-up of sorts but as we said before, they’ve moved on from the bad old days. Overlays can be a powerful tool in your marketing kit bag, especially if used as a response to customer behaviour – welcoming a first-time visitor, for example.  There are lots of software options out there for you to try, too. 


They say: Optimise the traffic on a website’s resource page by placing an email sign-up call to action. 

We say: A resources section contains the most helpful and in-depth content about your company, products or services, as well as FAQs, customer case studies – the list is endless. Naturally, they attract a LOT of customer attention, so placing an email sign-up here could give your business a nifty boost. 

Still unsure about wooing customers with a well-placed email sign-up? Book a discovery call with us at 24 fingers and we’ll happily play Cupid.